About Me

About Me

A little more information on who I am and what God has been doing in my life


My name is Hannah Neilly, I grew up in a Christian home in Limavady where I regularly attended Limavady Baptist Church with my family. I had heard from a young age about my need of a Saviour and how I needed to place my trust in Him. It wasn’t until I was nine years old that I asked the Lord to forgive my sins, I knew from that moment that I had been born again.

After my dad having passed away when I was eleven, I distanced myself from God and put Him the bottom on my list of priorities. Thankfully I met a few missionaries who had a desire to see young people serving the Lord and they invested time in me to help me in my relationship with God.

In 2008 I attended a missions conference in their church and shortly after this I surrendered my life to the Lord, to use me wherever He wants. Then in 2010, I went on my first mission trip to Morocco and after having seen so many people who had never heard about Jesus, I felt the Lord confirming in my heart that He would be able to use me on the mission field.

After graduating from university in 2015, I went to London to work with the Snode family at Downham Baptist Church. After a few months in London, I returned to Northern Ireland to raise support and encourage people to pray for me and the work that I am involved in.

Now I have returned to London where I will train and serve under the leadership of Travis and Teri Snode. I will be completing a missions program with Our Generation Training Center which comprises of three stages: training in the UK, training at the centre in the USA and then training overseas. Upon completion, I hope to serve in long-term missions overseas. I will be working alongside missionary families who are involved in church-planting, evangelism and discipleship. Please pray for me as I continue to raise support, train and serve on the mission field and as I seek the Lord’s guidance for the future.